Who are we?

Welcome to the magical world of CLASH ROYALE, where you are given a chance to feel part of an extraordinary story and immerse yourself in a fun adventure. Have you dreamed of becoming a white magician or a knight, plunge into the magical worlds of elves and evil goblins, but not just spend your precious time, doing fantasy and game, and get more real money.

Our unique game will allow you to combine a magical adventure and real income on the Internet. All you need is just three simple steps: to set up a wallet for TRON cryptocurrency, choose Your character and get daily income. No need to have special gaming skills and be a professional, we have fully minimized the algorithms so that we will be comfortable to cooperate with both the younger generation and people of age. Have fun and cash rewards with our unique CLASH ROYALE game.

Our advantage

We have done our best for the security and stability of our system

Open contract code

Your investment is protected! The safety and reliability of a decentralized blockchain network TRON at anybody does not cause doubts. The contract source code is available to everyone.

The contract code


We made a bright modern design that attracts attention and will not leave anyone indifferent. Good design is always a source of positive traffic and inflow of partners.

Fast payback and stability

Fast payback and stability. Marketing of the game is designed for long work with a quick exit of partners in the payback. Up to 0.15% per hour without active participation and time-consuming.


Transparent statistics in the blockchain works completely automatically and almost instantly displays all changes in the system. Transparent work for greater trust of participants and partners.


How to start earning with

You only need to follow three simple steps

Step 1

To set the wallet of TRON

You will need a browser extension to play TronLink or TronPay.
Top up the balance of your wallet through any cryptocurrency exchange.
For smartphone: your should to use TronWallet, Math wallet or others with a built-in browser.

Step 2

Hiring a hero

First you need to buy game coins at a fixed rate of 1 TRX = 25 coins. Then select a suitable hero and pay the hiring of in-game coins. From the same moment, Your character will start to make a profit, according to their abilities. Each character is unique and has different properties that allow you to bring more or less income per hour.

Step 3

Withdraw and redistribute profits

All the income received from your heroes is split on the availability of funds and the Treasury. Treasury funds can be spent on hiring new heroes and increasing profits. Free funds can be withdrawn at any time, they can also be spent on increasing your army.

You can withdraw free funds to your wallet at a fixed rate 1 TRX = 25     

Administration commission - 10%

Choose your hero and start earning!

Each hero is unique and has its own abilities